Jesse began his professional career path in the Marines at the young age of 17 and spent 9 years in the United States Marine Corps.  After his stay with the Marines he found himself in San Diego, and sold insurance for a short while.

Knowing that this was not his calling in life, the young Jesse ended up in the great state of Washington, where he has called home since 1962.  He spent years in the plumbing industry and achieved the level of Master Plumber.

In 1968 Jesse studied for and acquired his Washington Realtor License; and he would soon learn that this seemed to be a destined path for him.  He worked primarily in the Seattle area until his semi-retirement in 1990.

Few people actually get to the point of 'true' retirement, and Jesse Beavin is no exception. He spent his retirement years teaching young apprentices at the local high school.  Real Estate, however, was always calling his name. 

​In the last few years, with his wife of now 25 years and the support of his 8 children and 6 grandchildren, Jesse is diving back into the world of real estate by helping people sell their property, as well as working with other real estate investors to build portfolios.

It sometimes seems a long journey from being raised in a cabin in Kentucky, his parents share croppers until the depression, Jesse has seen plenty of market trends and changes.  

When you want the experience behind the firm, you want to explore your options with JB and JB Investments.  

To always go above and beyond in providing outstanding real estate investment opportunities.  

​To continually ask the question, "how can we better ourselves today?"


We are a real estate investment firm.  Started by Jesse Beavin, the firm is established in the Tacoma, Washington area. Jesse's wife, Janet Beavin, handles many of the 'quiet' activities of the business.