Behind on Payments?

Banks want their money and they really do not take 'situations' into consideration.  We do.  That's why we can help find solutions that work.

Bad Tenants?

As a landlord, your headaches can happen on a daily basis and sometimes you just have to say, 'enough'.  Want out of that rental property now?  Let's talk. 

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Realtor Contract Expired?

You told them you wanted to sell and for whatever reason it didn't; and now the contract is expired.  Before you sign again - talk to us.  We can do this.

Just Want a Quick Cash Offer?

Let's face it, sometimes you want out, no questions, just hand-me-the-cash and I'll sign off.  That's ok.  In most cases - we can make that happen!

We Want

to Buy Your House

Foreclosure Imminent?

Before they declare it officially 'foreclosed', we can help you walk.  Many times we can pay the right amount of cash so you can say farewell.

A Real Estate Investment Firm    

Buying and Selling Homes in the Washington State area and beyond.